About Me

I am a 36-year-old father of two living in London. I currently work at Fifth Row Technologies building a low latency crypto exchange in Rust.

I have been a software developer for more than 13 years, having first gone into the profession after graduating with a Degree in Mathematics from Oxford University in 2008.

I consider myself to be a polyglot developer having professional experience with Rust, Go, Java, Python and JavaScript. I love learning new languages and have dedicated significant effort to learn C++ in my spare time.

Work Experience

Principal Developer, Fifth Row Technologies (2021-)

Fifth Row Technologies is building a low latency crypto exchange called Globe Exchange. As a principal developer, I focus on hands-on backend development in Rust, contributing to all aspects of the exchange. The exchange is mostly run on AWS following a microservice architecture, with the most critical parts running on more specialised low latency hardware.

Staff Engineer, Hopin (2021)

Hopin is a rapidly growing scaleup that offers virtual venues for conferences and meet-ups of any size. As a staff engineer on the core services team, I mostly did hands-on Rust development as well as giving architectural oversight on the real-time components of the platform.

Senior Backend Engineer, Monolith (2019-2021)

Monolith is a FinTech start-up building a banking experience on top of the Ethereum blockchain. I worked as an individual contributor writing software that integrates with the Ethereum network in Go. We deployed this as a large number of microservices running in a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform.

Lead Developer, Aspect Capital (2012-2019)

Aspect Capital is a London based hedge fund that trades broad range of asset classes. I worked as an individual contributor for my first 5 years, writing front-office and back-office applications in Java and Python. We used Spring Framework to build a microservice architecture that focused on testability and being able to deal with changing requirements. In the last 2 years at Aspect, I began to assume leadership responsibilities and ran a small team that focused on using AWS to improve developer productivity.

Technical Director, Currency Solutions (2009-2012)

Currency Solutions is a foreign exchange company based in London. I led a small team that developed all the company's enterprise solutions in Java, JavaScript and PHP. Most notably, we developed a powerful CRM system that integrated directly with the company website and allowed us to automate payment and reconciliation of our foreign exchange transactions.

Programmer, RLC-CCT (2008-2009)

I worked as a contractor for RLC-CCT after graduation, where I was put in charge of developing a web-interface for their popular Windows-based CRM system.


Jesus College, Oxford (2004-2008)

  • Master's Degree in Mathematics
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics